Dr. Carlo Gaeta

Dr. Carlo Gaeta graduated in 2002 at Dentistry School of University of Siena – Italy “cum laude” and patent deposits with University Funding. In 2001 he participates to fellowship program at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Preventive Science. In 2004 he obtained a postgraduate certificate in “Oral Implantology” at University of Siena and in the same year wins as co-author the “Henry Goldman Prize” at Italian Society of Periodontology. In 2016 he obtained a certificate in TMJ disfunction at University of Vienna under the supervision of Prof. Slavicek. Since 2018 he was adjunct professor at the post-graduate program in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry, University of Siena.  In 2023 obtained the Ph.D at the Department of Biotechnologies of University of Siena focusing the research in the field of endo-medicine and irrigation strategies in Endodontics. Since 2021 is member of AIE (Italian Academy of Endodontics), SIE (Italian Society of Endodontics), SIDOC (Italian Society of Conservative Dentistry) and ESE (European Society of Endodontics).