Dr. Holger Scholz (Germania)

One of the most experienced dentists worldwide in the field of metal-free implantology, complex metal- free treatments according to the all-in-one concept. Active in dental implantology since 1996, approx. 10,000 implants (titanium and zirconia); since 2006 he has placed approx. 5,000 zirconia implants. He is a specialist in immediate implantation replacing all teeth including molars, biological dentistry and Digital Smile Design with approx. 20,000 all-ceramic units (crowns, inlays, etc.). He is a dental consultant for the Clinica Al Ronc in Castaneda, Switzerland, managing director of the non-profit Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM) Germany. Dr. Scholz has published articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is a renowned international speaker on behalf of companies such as bredent medical, AmannGirrbach, Z-Systems, Swiss Dental Solutions as well as various medical societies in Germany and abroad.