Dr. Yousef Sedky (Egipt)

Dr.Youssef Sedky graduated from the faculty of dentistry Ain Shams University year 2002, he specialized in Orthodontics where he received his MSc. & Ph.D. Later he got his mastership in ‘lasers in Dentistry’ from Aachen Dental Laser Center, then he received his MSc. Degree in ‘lasers in Dentistry’ from RWTH, Aachen university.

Dr. Sedky in an Assistant Professor in the Orthodontic department & the head of the dental laser center in the faculty of Dentistry, Misr International University, Cairo, Egypt. Also, he is an academic co- worker for Aachen Dental Laser Center, where he lectures in the mastership & Master of Science programs. He is an editorial consultant and reviewer for the ‘Lasers in Dental Science Journal’ and an editorial board member in the ‘Journal of Fundamental and Clinical Research’. Dr.Sedky is a member of the Egyptian Orthodontic Society, and a board member in the International Society for Lasers in Dentistry.